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Vision And Goals

Vision and Goals

We at Simcha Layeled believe that for children with chronic illnesses or disabilities, the combination of personal interaction and social and emotional tools will facilitate the development into mature adults. And as these children develop they will also fully utilize their inherent personal potential, easing their integration into Israeli society and preparing them to contribute significantly to this society during their adulthood.

On the one hand, the challenges and pressures of the diseases these children face on a daily basis undoubtedly have them living in a constant crisis situation. At the same time, however, their coping mechanisms present them an opportunity for growth- in resilience, in mental strength, and in the development and deepening of their personal abilities. And these personal achievments in the face of routine treatments are continually tested by the selfsame routine. The ever-present disease often constitutes a barrier between the child's inherent abilities and their implementation.

We at Simcha Layeled accompany the child and their family during their daily routine. We aid them in their effort to grow,       to evolve and take their proper places within their age groups. And we assist in identifying the strengths and abilities of each individual child, supporting and encouraging them throughout their journey of integration into Israeli adult society.

Our goal for ourselves as an organization is to improve the life quality of children and adolescents suffering from disease.

We aim to maximize the positive qualities of the children in a warm and enabling environment of peers sharing their life experience. Overall this creates valuable moments of joy, happiness and respite from the daily struggle of disease.

In short, it turns pain into smiles.

We are able to fulfill all these goals thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who exert themselves with endless dedication for the children and their families, through various projects and mentoring programs.
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