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Activity during the "Swords of Steel" War

In times of emergency, Simcha Layeled is obligated to not leave anyone behind! We call on you to support our actions to help families of children with special needs.
From the beginning of the war, Simcha Layeled has been dedicated to assisting in any way of its power for children with special needs throughout Israel, with emphasis on children from the southern and northern parts of the country.
Up till now, the association evacuated families with special needs from their homes on the fighting front to accommodation centers that are accessible and adapted to their special needs in safer areas.
Simcha Layeled gave psychological and emotional treatments to children with disabilities.
Recreational activities and relief in hospitals
Quality enrichment activities for the many displaced in hotels and various centers across the country
"Swords of Steel" War -

On October 7, the citizens of Israel awoke to a reality not experienced since the establishment of the state. Unfortunately, the stories are harsh, and the scenes are appalling, and we are still in the midst of the crisis.

Nevertheless, within the crisis, the strength of Israeli society emerges – the home front stands strong! Because only together will we prevail!

Enlisting for the Benefit of CSM Families (Special Needs)!

The daily internal fear of living due to the illness of children and adults with disabilities has been compounded by external anxiety and a complete loss of the ability to defend oneself and independence.

"I sleep in my wheelchair (wheelchair), afraid I won't make it to the protected space in time" (Netta - coping with SMA)

Since that terrible morning, Simcha Layeled has set a goal to help as much as possible those who need it most. With 20 years of experience with a population with special needs, it can provide a focused, effective, and immediate response.

The immediate response focuses on four main channels:

Evacuation of hundreds of CSM families from conflict areas such as Sderot, Ofakim, Ashkelon, Netivot, Ashkelon Beach, and more. Coordination of accessible and adapted accommodation to their special needs and ensuring a full hospitality basket (food, activities, and more).

Immediate and long-term emotional and professional support for over 500 children, youth, and young adults with disabilities and their families, who are currently dealing with deep anxiety and trauma.

Enriching recreational activities for dozens of children injured in the conflict and hospitalized in hospitals in south and central Israel. Additionally, positions of refreshment and great appreciation for medical teams in various hospitals, especially in Barzilai and Soroka.

Educational and value-based activities for the displaced - understanding that in such times, it is essential to create a framework that helps establish a new routine and contributes to a sense of security and protection. "Simcha Layeled" offers the "Race for Equality" activity as an educational and value-based initiative that can provide an answer for the displaced wherever they are.

Immediate care for children affected by the war is critical! Tailoring and listening to their needs and providing guidance over several months (and as required beyond) will significantly reduce the chances of post-traumatic stress and severe psychological impact in the future.

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Together we will overcome!
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