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Adopt/Foster A Child

Adopt/foster a child

Our Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program is a flagship program of our social activities.

General Description:

Our Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program offers sick children, ages 6-18, with a supportive framework that attends to their individual needs. Ranging from the emotional to the social - including integrating sick children into normative environments such as schools and extracurricular activities - children are matched with volunteers who serve as mentors, coaches, tutors and more. 
Through the program, children are assigned individual mentors for a year-long period during which Mentors visit children in their homes on a weekly basis and accompany them on social and recreational outings arranged by Simcha LaYeled once every three weeks. 
Once every six weeks, groups of children and their Big Brothers or Sisters attend a larger, group outing where they meet other participants in the program, strengthening their social skills among peers and within a group. And offering new avenues for emotional support, both through peer-to-peer interaction and by Mentor guidance.

Approximately 270 children participate in this project, divided into 19 groups according to their age.

The cost of a child's annual participation in the program is: 6,000 NIS or $ 1600 USD

Detailed budget components:

Monthly cost for outings and excursions

100 NIS 25$

Monthly travel reimbursements for the volunteer  

80 NIS 20$

Monthly cost of the accompaniment:

170 NIS 45$

Participation in camps

1800 NIS 480$

We appeal to you on behalf of Simcha LaYeled children and families to support a child. 

Your donation will have an invaluable impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of not only the sick children, but their families as well.

Click here for donation or contact us to donate today.

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