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Adopt/Foster A Group

Adopt/foster a group

Our Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program is a flagship program of our social activities.

General Description:

Our Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program offers sick children, ages 6-18, with a supportive framework that attends to their individual needs. Ranging from the emotional to the social - including integrating sick children into normative environments such as schools and extracurricular activities - children are matched with volunteers who serve as mentors, coaches, tutors and more.

Once every three weeks, children and their Big Brothers or Sisters venture together on a social outing, intended purely for fun and enjoyment.

Once every six weeks, groups of children and their Big Brothers or Sisters attend a larger, group outing where they meet other participants in the program, strengthening their social skills among peers and within a group.

Big Brothers and Sisters are overseen by a Group Coordinator as well as a Social Worker to address any issues that may arise during the course of their involvement with the program, as well as areas that require specialized attention.

We currently have 220 volunteer Big Brothers and Sisters in our Individual Mentoring Program, divided into 15 groups of activity across Israel.

We seek your support to secure the activities and impact of this program for the coming year: 120,000 NIS will enable a group of 15 children and their Big Brothers and Sisters to flourish through the framework of the program.


Guiding Principles: Volunteerism

We at Simcha LaYeled believe strongly in the power of volunteerism as a social change agent. We strive to encourage and sustain our volunteerson a regular basis, through training sessions and social gatherings that deepen their connection to the organization. Furthermore, Simcha LaYeled actively reaches out to local companies and organizations to involve them in our activities and introduce them to the importance of volunteering to help others.

Corporate Volunteer Involvement: 
1. Hosting the participants from the Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentors at a social activity and with the company;
2. Inviting company staff to participate in program activities; 
3. Contributing to holidays-related activities (for example, preparing gift boxes for Purim, hosting Hanukah candle lighting ceremonies);
4. Joining in program activities over the course of a year.

Recognition for Corporate Support:

In honor and in recognition of your generous support and volunteer contributions, Simcha LaYeled will:

  • Issue letters to you written by families and children supported by Simcha LaYeled;
  • Feature your company’s logo on Tshirts to be worn by Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program participants;
  • Mention your company’s contribution on our website and all related promotional material, including media coverage of Big Brother Big Sister Mentor activities.

We seek your support, through volunteering or financial assistance, to help grant these children the extra attention and support they need to overcome and thrive during this difficult period in their lives.

Even partial sponsorship would allow us to offer supportive activities for sick children and their families.

For additional information or to contact us and get involved click here

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