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Jerusalem Branch

The Jerusalem branch of "Simcha Layeled" runs programs for childrens who come from Jerusalem and many surrounding areas, such as Gush Etzion, Ma'ale Edomim, Beit Shemesh and Modi'in.

The big brother/sister program includes six groups, three boy groups and three for girls, divided according to age, includes about 70 children of Jerusalem and many surrounding areas.

Each group has a coordinator and a National Service young woman who are in charge of birthday parties, holiday celebrations, group excursions, home visits and more.
Our stuff also includes a social worker in the branch, as well as 6 coordinators.

There are four National Service young women who work in the hospitals in Jerusalem: Hadassah Ein Kerem, Shaare Zedek, Alyn and Haddash Mt. Scopus, coordinating a wide range of programs for hundreds of disabled and seriously ill children each week. 
Activities include holiday celebrations, computer education/games, parties, art & crafts and reading.

Our children face many complex daily challenges, and that is why we take them on the most exciting and memorable two-days trip in Northern Israel that includes amusement parks, boating, wagon rides and other attractions, in addition to treating them to various one-day trips to the zoo, the Safari and on jeep tours.

The Jerusalem branch includes an activity club that operates once a week, offering table games, video games, art & crafts, and other activities that focus on the various holidays of the year. The club enables each child to spend time outside of his/her home with his/her mentor, and also allows the families several hours of rest and from their very hectic schedule.

    General Pierre Koenig St 28, Jerusalem Tel: 02-6527007 Fax: 02-6537853
Branch Manager
Shmaya Tzel
Social Worker
Adi Vagshal

Central Branch

The central branch of "Simcha Layeled" is located in the city of Petah-Tikva.

The big brother/sister program includes six groups, three boy groups and three for girls, divided according to age, includes about 90 children who come from many different cities, ranging from Netanya in the north to Eilat in the south..

We have four National Service young women who run a wide range of programs in various area hospitals, such as Schneider, Beit Levenstein, Assaf Harofe and more.

Our stuff also includes a social worker in the branch, as well as 6 coordinators.

The National Service young women conduct regular hospital activities, such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, computer education/games and art & crafts for the children, and on Friday afternoon, a Kabbalat Shabbat song program is conducted by a team of volunteers who come to cheer up all of the children.

We work closely with the Endocrinology clinic at Schneider Children's Hospital, conducting various programs and trips, the highlight being an annual day tour for all the children and their families.
During the year, in addition to small group excursions, we organize a weekend retreat for all the children, enabling them to bond together and create a family atmosphere.

    10 Bareket St. Petach-Tikva Tel: 03-9190802 Fax: 03-9190731
Branch Manager
Tomer Plavnik
Therapy Woman
Noa Levi

North Branch

Simcha LaYeled’s new northern branch will be located in Haifa, near the Carmel Forest.

The branch will oversee Simcha LaYeled’s activities for the entire northern region of Israel from Netanya to the town of Shlomi.

We are currently run our Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentor program for 90 children from the area.

The branch also operates Simcha Layeled activities in regional hospitals and medical facilities such as Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, and Bnei Zion (Rothschild) Medical Center also in Haifa.

The branch counts two National Service volunteers among its staff. These volunteers run various activities for children who are hospitalized in these medical centers, including a Kabbalat Shabbat service and other entertaining activities.

Operations are closely coordinated between Simcha Layeled volunteers and staff and local hospitals, doctors and health care professionals. In this sense, our activities have become integral to tending to the needs of sick children across the northern region and their families.

Throughout the year, we also run activities such as night events and social meet ups for mothers, birthday parties for sick children, and parental support groups.

    13 HaGalil street, Neve Shannan, Haifa Tel: 04-8717125 Fax: 04-8717126
Branch Manager
Bat-Hen Hershko

Graduates Department

The graduators group works nationwide, and includes a group of graduators of the association and a forum of Disotonomia.

We at "Simcha Layeled" believe in complete transparency. Attached are all the documents of the Amuta.

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